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At Eliminate Chaos, we are organizing and productivity experts who believe that collaboration is as important as knowledge when it comes to meaningful results. We serve as your trusted partners—listening to your needs, learning about your goals, and creating customized solutions to achieve them. Thanks to the proven 10-step process developed and refined over decades by our founder, Laura Leist, any of those goals are within your reach. And staying organized is, too, because all of our powerful solutions and systems are designed to be easily maintained well into the future.

Your Team - Our Expertise

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Founder, Productivity Specialist™, Speaker

Laura Leist, CPO, MOS, CRTS

Founder, Productivity Specialist™, Coach, Speaker, Author

Robert Leist - Sr. IT Systems Consultant

Robert Leist, CNE, CNA, CNS

Sr. IT Systems Consultant

Megan Simmons - Sr. Organizing Specialist

Megan Simmons

 Sr. Organizing Specialist™

Tiffany Cogan  - Organizing Specialist

Tiffany Cogan

Sr. Organizing Specialist™

Tiffany Cogan  - Organizing Specialist

Kathy Lorenz

Organizing Specialist™