Robert Leist, CNE, CNA, CNS

Sr. IT Systems Consultant

Robert Leist joined Eliminate Chaos in 2005 as the IT Business Strategist. Robert has over 25 years of IT consulting experience working with large corporations as well as small businesses.

Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as government institutions have relied on Robert to design, deploy, implement and support a wide range of solutions in small to large-scale integrated network environments - with a special focus on managing and deploying these solutions in complex enterprise.

Robert's Expertise At Work:

• Microsoft
• Lowe's Home Improvement
• Orbitz
• iStar Financial
• Kendall Jackson Winery
• Swedish Medical Center
• Providence Medical Center
• Hitachi
• Sundt Construction
• State of Rhode Island
• Yale New Haven Hospital
• Christus Health Services
• Wellstar Health
• Compass Bank
• Maslon Law Firm
• and several more

The need for Robert’s vast experience deploying solutions in large corporations brings an enormous amount of value to small businesses. Many small businesses Robert works with either have no IT support or outsource some of their IT work. Even when businesses have their own IT staff, they often rely on Robert to solve a complex problem that their staff doesn’t have specific experience with. Robert has the rare ability to look at the current and future needs of a business and scale the solutions appropriately, ensuring all systems work seamlessly with one another, while also being mindful of the client’s budget.

Small business rave about the method in which Robert delivers information so that everyone is speaking the same language.

Could Your Business be Next to Benefit from Robert's Experience?

• Microsoft Exchange Server Configuration and Deployment
• Office 365 e-mail migration, configuration and setup
• Hosted Exchange configuration and setup
• Backup Systems: Cloud-based and local
• Computer and smartphone recommendations
• DNS Transfer
• VoIP communications and phone systems
• Disaster planning and recovery
• Network infrastructure and wireless access
• Website Project Management

Robert provides a special focus on revamping existing business processes to streamline systems enabling companies to efficiently communicate with their employees as well as securely communicate with their customers. In the ever-changing world of computing, it is important for businesses to conduct a reality check on their processes as well as the security surrounding them. Many companies are now subject to new and changing laws and requirements regarding securing customer data and customer communications. Staying in compliance even for a small business is a challenging task.

Working with Robert on your organizations' business IT projects will provide implementation of cost-effective solutions to make day-to-day customer interactions a smooth, efficient process. Businesses should also have a disaster recovery plan for continued business operations;  should an unexpected event such as a computer failure, earthquake, fire or flood. 

Robert is a member of the Society of Industry Leaders and holds the following certifications:
• Certified Network Engineer (CNE)
• Certified Network Administrator (CNA)
• Certified Network Sales Engineer (CNS)

In his free time, Robert enjoys video editing, photography, golf, Caribbean cruises and frequent trips to Hawaii and Mexico with his wife Laura.

Deborah Lahti
Out-of-the-box thinking.

  “Robert is a crucial part of my business. While I can take care of many of the technical issues I face, knowing I have access to Robert and his wealth of knowledge makes all the difference. What I really appreciate about Robert is that he's a great sounding board for out-of-the-box thinking and situations that come up. He introduces me to solutions I didn't even know existed, and that give me further functionality and optimization. And on top of that, he's just fun to work with!"
- Deborah Lahti - Virtual project management for entrepreneur and busy executives

Steve Clarke
Responsive. Capable. Patient. Pleasant.

  “After two separate identity theft incidents, our daughter strongly recommended we speak with Robert, who had been providing for her company’s computer security needs for several years. He promptly designed and built an effective “moat” around us. Then he fixed our wi fi issues. Following our recent (2020) move to another old residence, he established satisfactory wi fi, set up our printers, and coordinated with Comcast in the installation of TV cable connections into several rooms and a detached studio. During the years in between 2015 and 2020, Robert has explained and solved several minor computer related issues for us. In each case, he has been remarkably responsive, capable, patient, and pleasant. He knows his stuff!”
- Steve S. Clarke

Warren D.
You need Rob on your team.

  “Rob is a perfectionist determined to resolve all customer systems issues. He’s dedicated to finding a solution by treating every problem as if it is one affecting his own work. I would suggest that one allocate more time for his efforts than anticipated because he is committed to educating the user on what caused the problem and how it was fixed when he’s done. You need Rob on your team. He’s the best.”
- Warren D.

Lindsay Pedersen
Anticipates and prevents problems.

  “Ten years ago, I hired Robert to be the IT Consultant to set up my small business’s digital systems. I had previously worked with numerous individuals for tech support and tech set up. From the moment I met Robert, I knew that his caliber was head and shoulders above previous IT Consultants I had worked with. Obviously he’s extremely capable with IT. Many people are. What’s different about Robert is that he is strategic. He steps back and takes in what we are trying to accomplish, and then creates for that. Rather than just solving a problem, he anticipates problems and then prevents them. Rather than merely my request and executing it, he asks questions to learn the root. Robert has now been with my business for 10 years. He has genuinely helped my small business thrive.”
- Lindsay Pedersen

Lorrie Jones
Technical problems made easy for me to understand.

  “No matter what the technical issue is, Rob solves it as quickly as possible. He has a way of taking big problems and making them easy for me to understand, by speaking an everyday language so that I felt connected and could understand. I have always trusted Rob and he certainly knows what he is doing. I love his sense of humor, which makes the experience a joy.”
- Lorrie Jones

Matthew Bilyeu
A great asset.

  “Robert has been a great asset to have available to our company. His knowledge and efficiency has been a drastic improvement over other consultants used in the past. Highly recommended!”
- Matthew Bilyeu, Bricklayers, Local 1

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