Eliminate Residential Chaos
Eliminate Residential Chaos




A Home Office That Works – Virtually.

Productive. Useful. Organized.

Home offices come in many shapes and sizes, whether it's a dedicated room, a shared space or even a corner of the kitchen. But they all have one thing in common: work.

Do you waste time looking for papers that have fallen prey to your "filing system"?
Are your digital documents scattered across different devices and hard drives?
Are your computers backed up?
Have you outgrown or don’t know how to use the existing software on your computer?
Can you actually get any work done the way your office is now?

With Eliminate Chaos as your partner, you won't worry about those questions again. You'll always be able to find what you need. And you just might get more enjoyment out of your work.

We can help - virtually.

Our specialists have unparalleled knowledge and proven techniques to help you take control of your stuff, your data and your life. We’re just a phone call and a computer away. Satisfied clients from coast to coast and other countries have accomplished projects by working with us virtually.

Is your home office suffering from visible or non-visible forms of clutter…or both?

    • Computer digital files organization

    • Microsoft® Outlook® productivity consulting

    • Encrypted offsite backup solutions so you never lose irreplaceable information, photos or your digital music collection

    • E-mail organization and systems creation

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems recommendation and implementation

    • Digital photo organization

    • Microsoft® Outlook® Business Contact Manager configuration, customization and implementation

    • Digital photo organization

    • Computer and smartphone recommendations and transfer of all data and setup

    • Paper management systems

    • Space Planning

    • Organization of the “stuff” in your office

It’s true, there aren’t many areas in the home we’ve not organized virtually. Some of our virtual projects have even been featured in magazines, such as the Secrets of Getting Organized – a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest publication and Real Simple.

Taking stock of your needs.

Before we even begin, we do something very important ... we listen. We learn about how you're working now — and your vision for how you want to work in the future. We discuss your timeline and budget. And we determine the perfect Eliminate Chaos Specialist for your specific job.

A partner who understands your needs – and more importantly, technology.

The moment you call, our learning process begins. We start with questions about your computer, e-mail and current backup process. We want to know if you are a PC or a MAC user so that we can pair you up with one of our highly trained Specialists that works on the platform you use. We go one step further than just “organizing” your information. Our IT Specialists will ensure that your computers are properly backed-up and that you have anti-virus software installed to prevent any computer viruses. It’s one-stop shopping for all your computer needs.

Expertise in-person or virtually…we can eliminate your digital chaos from anywhere in the world.

We are based in the Greater Seattle area, however we serve a national and international clientele when it comes to your digital life. Many of our clients in the Seattle area work with us virtually, even though we could work with them in person. This allows more flexibility for busy schedules as well as client’s that need immediate help for a short period of time that don’t meet our onsite time requirement. We provide each client with a secure link to our remote portal system which allows us to sit next to you virtually while we work with you over the phone or complete the work on our own. For those in other parts of the country, we also make appointments available as early as 6 or 7am Pacific time for certain services.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to work with several of our Specialists because of the highly specialized experience of our employees. You benefit from a team of Specialists who are not “generalists” but rather each offer a specific area of expertise; for example:

Laura Leist: Productivity Consultant with a background in management information systems (MIS), business process consulting, Microsoft® Outlook® trainer for over 15 years and author of six books on Microsoft® Outlook®.

Robert Leist: Business Systems Consultant with 20 years of IT experience.

Jeff Hopkins: MAC Specialist.

You benefit from our experience without paying travel fees.

We know it’s difficult to block out several days in a row to work on your projects when we travel to your home from Washington State. We don’t need to physically be in the room with you for you to experience the benefits of an organized and productive home office – you can accomplish this with our help and the use of technology. Perhaps you’ve read one of Laura’s books…

Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity
Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook
Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life

eliminate chaos 10 step process to Organize Your Home & Life eliminate the chaos at work increase productivity using microsoft outlook 2010

And you can relate to her methodologies; but still need the personal touch to help you kick-start your projects. We can bring this experience to you, via technology, to help you obtain the desired results for a more productive and organized office so you have “More Time for Life®.”

You also benefit from:

    • Working at your own pace.

    • Productivity and Business Systems Consultants with over 40 years of IT experience.

    • The Eliminate Chaos 10-Step Process.

    • Shorter meetings with your Specialist than when working in person.

    • Decades of experience.

    • The ability for to view and work on your computer at our designated appointment time.

    • Specialists that are Certified Professional Organizers.

    • Our satisfaction guarantee.

Keeping you on track, even after the project.

We believe strongly in the relationship between organization and productivity. Before we consider our work finished, we'll give you the tools and instruction to maintain your new systems and space — so you can enjoy continued success in business and in life.

One call can change your life.

Are you ready to experience the joy of working in a productive, efficient and organized office? It all starts with a free phone strategy session. We’ll create custom solutions that fit your goals and your budget – whether you simply want to transform the space where you work, or you need new systems and processes to improve the way you work.

Your investment.

Each project is unique, and rates vary depending on the Specialist or IT professional. Most phone consultations require a minimum of 2 hours; however many of our services for virtual work are billed in 15-minute increments.

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  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
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new client special smA great way to try us out and get some organizing done at the same time! For a limited time, we are offering an amazing NEW client organizing special. If you are not an existing client this is a great way for us show you how we can eliminate your chaos.

Call 425-670-2551 and ask us for details.

  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
  • Visit our business services site