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Eliminate Residential Chaos




Senior Move Management.

Want to know the secret to stress-free moving? Let Eliminate Chaos handle everything.

Amazed. Relaxed. Organized.

Nobody ever feels like that after moving, do they? Well, Eliminate Chaos clients do - and many of them say they'll never go through another move without us.

That's because we believe moving is more than simply getting your stuff from one place to another. It's about creating a plan to meet the unique challenges of your move. Providing resources from our trusted network to execute that plan and apply the finishing touches. And perhaps most important, it's about minimizing your anxiety by giving you the precise level of support you need, from beginning to end.

All so you can feel right at home in your new space - as soon as you get there, not weeks later.

Your move. Our expertise.

Every move is different; just like the needs of each of our clients. That's why we offer a diverse range of services that can be combined to meet any conceivable need. Some clients pick and choose what areas they want the most help with, while others have our experts handle everything.

Move management.

Every successful move is a result of behind-the-scenes project management by your Eliminate Chaos Specialist that will be with you every step of the way. We will look at every detail and determine the best way to complete your move. We can even recommend movers that we know and trust.

On moving day, in addition to keeping the movers on schedule, we'll manage other concerns, such as ensuring access in your building and reserving the elevator. We can also coordinate multiple-location deliveries. And our vast experience allows us to find solutions to even the most challenging problems.

Downsizing and de-cluttering.

Why pay to move stuff you don't need? We'll help you eliminate those items before you move, saving time and money.

The downsizing process can be time-consuming and filled with questions that need answers. We realize it's overwhelming and that many people simply don't know where to start. We'll work with you to help you make this process as easy as possible.

Whether you are downsizing four decades of treasures before your move, or simply trying to decide what to move with you, we will guide you through this process. When you move to a new home, we will first select the items you wish to move, such as your furniture, clothes, household items, pictures, artwork and other cherished items. You can also have us work with you or your family members to help find homes for the remaining items and be confident that we will make the best decisions with you in mind. Whether you desire to have your items donated to a specific charity or sold through an estate sale, we can provide the coordination of these efforts.

Furniture planning.

rior to your move, we'll work with you to help determine the best placement of your furniture. We'll obtain the floor plan from your community so we have the dimensions of your home. Working with you on a furniture plan will ensure that you are paying to only moving furniture that you need and that will fit. The furniture plan will also serve as our placement guide on move day. We can make recommendations for furniture pieces that can be sold, consigned or donated that you no longer have a need for and coordinate the relocation of these items.

Space planning - making your space work for you.

Do you need to maximize the closet space in your new bedroom closet or other closets?

We can work with you in advance of your move to plan these spaces. If the community you are moving to allows modifications to closets, we can design and install the closet for you. The closet will be designed for you to easily access your belongings and maximize the amount of space.


Before we ever pack a box, we want to learn about how much space you have in your new home for the items you plan to move. We want to ensure we don't pack and move items that don't fit or have a place in your new home. As we work together to select the items to move, we will set them aside until it is time to pack.

We bring the packing supplies to you the day we pack. We will carefully pack your boxes so that items being moved will arrived unscathed. Your boxes will be packed based on the location of where the items will live in your new home, which will save time on moving day when we unpack and setup your home.

We will work closely with you to understand any special needs and items you need the day of your move, such as medications or special equipment. Finally, we will pack a special box that we know needs to be opened first for you in your new home so that you have necessary items at your fingertips.

Moving day.

We understand that moving is very stressful and emotional. We want you to be relaxed on moving day and leave the rest to us. Instead of asking family and friends to help you move, we encourage you to spend the day with a family member or close friend - it's more enjoyable for you and your family and friends. We will take care of all of the details for you. Remember, your Specialist is just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

We will meet the mover we've selected for you at your home and oversee the entire move of your treasured possessions to your new community. Once your belongings arrive, your furniture will be arranged according to the plan we discussed previously. Your boxes will be unpacked and what you've chosen to bring to your new home will be put away in an organized fashion for you. We will even make your bed, hang the towels in the bathroom and hook up your electronics if needed. We put the finishing touches on your new home by hanging the art and placing your cherished family photos for you to enjoy.

Before our work is done, we walk you through your new home to ensure you know where everything is and that it's easily accessible for you. We are happy to make any changes needed so you can live and enjoy your home they way you feel most comfortable.

Now you are ready to start enjoying your new home and making new friends.

One call can change your life.

Are you ready to experience the joy of a stress-free move? It all starts with a free phone consultation. We'll work with you to create custom solutions that fit your goals and your budget, whether you need our expertise only for specific tasks or you want Eliminate Chaos to be there until the last box is unpacked.

Your investment.

Each project is unique, and rates vary depending on the Specialist. Fees are billed by the hour, with pre-pad packages available at a discount.

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  • "Laura and her crew made unpacking our house as "easy" as any move can possibly be. From unpacking the boxes, organizing drawers and cupboards, assembling furniture, and breaking down boxes - her team was always willing and able to do whatever was necessary. Laura is now planning our garage build out and will be there to make sure everything is in its place. If I ever move again, it won't be without a call to Laura to make our new house a home in no time at all.."  
    Melody Robidoux

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  • Business Services
    • Paper Flow and Information Management
    • Workspace Organization and Space Planning
    • Productivity Assessments
    • Microsoft Business Contact Manager
    • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
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