Cassie Wistrom, CPO

Lead Organizing Specialist™

Cassie has been organizing since she was five years old, neatly stacking Tupperware® in the kitchen cupboards. The profound affect her organizational strategies had in improving the daily lives of colleagues, customers and friends in prior places of employment led her down the path of becoming an Organizing Specialist™. Cassie enjoys the opportunity to provide a service that aids people in living a more satisfying, less stressful life. Her approachable demeanor and sense of humor make working with her both productive and enjoyable.

Cassie is no stranger to creative problem solving. When she lived in Montana, she worked at a luxury ranch resort as a camp butler. A requirement was to be resourceful and meet clients’ needs and expectations, even if it meant biking to the next camp at 6:30am for more eggs or fresh Montana huckleberries before the guests awoke. The main lodge was several miles from where Cassie was stationed, and with only a cell phone at her disposal, she perfected her ability to communicate clearly when arranging activities and transportation.

Cassie gained most of her organizing experience in the mortgage, human resources and wine industries. Shortly after moving to Seattle from Montana, she obtained a certificate in winemaking and started her own winery in 2015.

In her free time, Cassie enjoys kayaking, pickleball, cross-country skiing and attending the opera.

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Laura Leist, CPO, MOS, CRTS

Founder, Productivity Specialist™, Coach, Speaker

Robert Leist, CNE, CNA, CNS

Sr. IT Systems Consultant

Cassie Wistrom, CPO

Lead Organizing Specialist™

Megan Simmons

Sr. Organizing Specialist™

Tiffany Cogan

Sr. Organizing Specialist™

Kathy Lorenz

Organizing Specialist ™

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About Eliminate Chaos Services

Packing, Unpacking, Organizing and Moving Services

Brett Moreland
You do the Vacationing, We'll Handle the Moving.

  “You and your team are amazing. I just got home and already feel like this is my home. I have been living in turmoil for a while and coming home gave me peace. Thank you!”
- B.M.

Julie Prentice
Wish we had done this years ago!

  “What a delight to walk into the wine room and know exactly where to find each bottle of wine! Eliminate Chaos worked with us to create a system to allow us to easily locate wine and in the process, created more space for future purchases! Laura, Cassie and their team were great to work with and had numerous ideas but also wanted input as to how to create a system that would work best for us. I wish we had done this years ago!”
- J.P.

Positive and Professional.

  “Cassie has been a delight to work with. She is calm yet industrious, listens to my concerns, doesn't overwhelm me with decisions and has a great sense of humor. Cassie is also very knowledgeable about various products and potential storage strategies and solutions. She remains positive and professional no matter how many hours she works. She offers encouragement and feedback. Thanks so much!”
- Martha

Well worth the investment!

  “I hesitated to pay someone to organize my garage when it's something that I could do myself. But I just didn't have the time to unpack and organize everything after moving into our new home nearly a year ago. Eliminate Chaos was well worth the investment. Now my garage is clean and systematic -- I feel such a sense of relief. One of the most helpful aspects of the process was having Eliminate Chaos assist me in evaluating what I needed to keep and what I might be able to consider donating or discarding.”
- Kathryn

Gave us the tools to continue with neater habits.

  “Our realtor recommended Eliminate Chaos to us. They did three major things with us: decluttering and downsizing, packing and managing the move, and unpacking and organizing our new space. We worked with nearly everyone in the office, and found them uniformly well trained and equipped, pleasant, communicative and responsive. Their "can-do" attitude made the whole process so much less stressful. They worked around our pets, our quirks, our habits. Maybe it says the most that with the techniques and tools they've given us, we're continuing with the neater and better habits they've instilled.”
- Barbara

Katie Price
Stress-Free and Seamless.

  “The team at Eliminate Chaos made for a seamless and stress-free move to our new home. They truly took care of every last detail, and we can't imagine ever moving again without them! This was perfect for a working family with two young children and limited time and free hands to pack, unpack an organize! Cassie, Megan, Courtney and Bailey were so professional and helpful.”
- Katie

Now our new house really feels like home.

“I can’t believe how much chaos the movers left our new house in. Boxes everywhere and nothing was sorted to where it needed to be. I was so overwhelmed that I was crying. Eliminate Chaos came in and got us two thirds unpacked in just two days! The rest of the stuff was sorted and staged to where they needed to so it was easy for me to finish the details. Now our new house really feels like home.”
- Jillian

Done in a Day!

  “My goal was to get my office space cleared of everything that was no longer needed or relevant. With the help of Eliminate Chaos, it was done in a day! My focus and productivity has increased significantly since that day. Eliminate Chaos' organizing expert guided the declutter and purging process and broke down my part into simple manageable steps. This made what was originally an overwhelming project, a breeze for me. I won't hesitate to hire again. Cassie was a pro and a pleasure to work with.”
- Melissa

Audrey Beaulac
They Deliver Value Well Beyond the Cost!

  “Eliminate Chaos has provided to me both residential and business organizing services. They exceed all expectation in their professionalism, attention to detail, and efficiency. The value they deliver is well beyond the cost.”
- Audrey Beaulac

Who said moving can't be fun?

  “Laura Leist and her crew of amazing organizers helped us move out of a house where we had lived for almost 20 years and into a new home. Not only was the move successful, but actually fun. They organized our belongings in our new home with such expertise, expediency and care that it felt like home right away.”
- Angela

Perfect Expert to Organize Records

  “Cassie was the perfect expert for me for the project of organizing my records. I am delighted with the results. Cassie listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish. She asked me questions that helped me clarify and refine those goals. From beginning to end, she was the expert consultant for my project. I would work with her again in an instant.”
- Patricia

Karen Schulman
I Can't Say Enough Great Things...

  “Laura, I can't say enough great things about Cassie, Megan and Tiffany. I just love them. They are so kind, efficient and good at their jobs. They did an incredible job on my closet and I am so grateful to you and them for the incredible work. I can’t thank you all enough!”
- Karen Schulman

Lesley McGovern
Everyone Could Benefit From Their Services

  “Our realtor suggested we connect with Eliminate Chaos, and Laura and her team of professionals were invaluable in helping us to prepare for a cross-country move. Laura and her team were professional and detailed. It was a huge help knowing exactly what was in every box as we unpacked in our new home. I think everyone could benefit from their services no matter how big or small the project!”
- Lesley McGovern

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