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Imagine immediate improvements in workforce productivity.  Listen and watch Laura turn over 20 years of experience into a day of practical learning and fun!

Laura Leist is the expert to call when you want to produce tangible results.  An entertaining, down-to-earth speaker, she translates over two decades of professional organizing and information-technology experience into fun, interesting and practical presentations.


Laura knows that while most have a desire to be more productive or love the idea of getting organized not everyone knows how or where to begin.  By sharing her own and clients' stories about the sometimes humorous, always human side of getting organized, she puts even the most reluctant and anxious audience members at ease.  By session's end, everyone in the audience will understand why getting and staying organized is worth the effort.


Companies that bring Laura in to speak report significant improvements in employee work habits as a result.  Even more important, they see rapid increases in productivity.  Laura guarantees that each audience member will leave with at least three fresh, new strategies for becoming more productive and organized.  Everyone leaves her presentations inspired to act and armed with the tools and easy-to-implement processes to succeed.

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Laura is available for keynotes and for full or half-day sessions.  She can also tailor a presentation to accommodate a more casual brown-bag lunch setting.   If your company or organization has specific challenges to resolve, Laura will customize her programs to address those needs.

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WorkPlace Productivity


Microsoft Outlook 



Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager

SOHO (Small Office | Home Office )


Residential Organizing and Rightsizing



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