Residential Relocation Organizing Services

Want to Know the Secret to Stress Free Moving? 

Let Eliminate Chaos Handle Everything.



Enjoy a stress-free move for little more than you're already paying the movers.

Moving a household is a major event...but it's certainly less stressful and overwhelming when you rely on Eliminate Chaos. That's because we pre-plan, de-clutter/downsize, coordinate with movers and unpack and organize your new home. As our clients are quick to say, you not only feel less stressed when we manage your move, but you also get more time to jumpstart life at your new location without all of the hassle.


Whether you're merging households, temporarily moving for a remodel, downsizing to an adult community, or relocating yourself or employees, we can tackle any or all of your move.


Decluttering and downsizing. We help eliminate items you no longer need before you move; so you don't waste time and money moving excess stuff.


Space Planning. We help decide where things will go in your new home and how each space can best be used.


Moving company coordination. We've developed a network of reliable movers who team with us to plan and execute your move.


Managing outside vendors. We can coordinate the services (painter, cleaners, etc) that get your old house ready for buyers and your new home ready for you.


Real estate staging. We can prep the house you are selling so potential buyers can envision themselves living there.


Coordinating the move. We arrive early and stay as long as it takes to make sure the movers do their job and confirm that outside vendors are finished or on schedule with their projects.


Directing movers at your new home. We work closely with the movers to properly place furniture and boxes in the appropriate rooms.


Enjoy a stress-free move for little more than you're already paying the movers. For about $10-$15 more per hour than you'll pay your movers to unpack you, we will carefully unpack your boxes and organize your home so you can start enjoying it immediately.


Unpacking, organizing and placing furniture and accessories. We know how to put your rooms together so they are comfortable and livable. You can start using them right away, sometimes even on the day of the move.


Coordinating outside services. Just like before your move, we can coordinate with trusted vendors to help make your house a home: art installers, painters, landscaper, computer wiring specialists, closet system venders, and more.


Removal of boxes and packing materials. All that cardboard, bubble wrap and foam peanuts, gone! We re-use or recycle all of it so they are out of your way, and out of the landfill.


Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.™

Each project is highly individual, and fees are billed by the hour and vary depending on the Specialist.  Please call us to discuss the size and scope of your relocation needs.

Experience your most organized move yet. 
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All Eliminate Chaos Specialists are Employees, not Contractors. 
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