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Eliminate Chaos Business Relocation and Move Management Services

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"Laura and her team steered us with firm and friendly hands through our move into our new streamlined office space.  They took time to understand our unique challenges as a large graphic design firm, and offered expert advice on the big picture and the small details. Eliminate Chaos motivated us to purge 10 years of paper samples and various paperwork and provided us with a plan to use as a guide for where the post-purge essentials would live in our new office.  They offered fresh ideas about the casework for our new space and on moving day they worked with our staff to unpack and help organize our new spaces.  We were in good hands!"


- John Carroll, Methodologie

Business Relocation and Move Management Services

Want to Know the Secret to Stress Free Moving?

Let Eliminate Chaos Handle Your Next Move or Relocation.

 Whether you're moving to a new building, moving down the hall or to another floor, or remodeling your existing space - we can help.

 We know that it's possible for your employees to handle some of the services we provide.

- Did you know that sometimes it's more productive for your employees to do their jobs so as to eliminate any unnecessary business interruptions to your clients?

 We have experience with companies that range in size from a handful of employees to companies with hundreds of employees.



  • Move Management and Project Coordination.  Working with your designated employee project manager we can facilitate all aspects of the move or just a few that are needed.
  • Move Plan.  A detailed move plan will ensure your move goes smoothly and that all employees are on the same page.
  • Space Planning and Design.  Our on staff designers can solve the challenges of planning a space that will be functional and efficient for years to come.
  • Declutter and Right size.  Don't pay to pack and move items that aren't being used or no longer serve a purpose.  Working with individuals or departments, we will facilitate the decision making process to let go of unused equipment, supplies and other items that may no longer be needed in the new workspace.  We will also coordinate the removal, disposal, donation and recycling of these items.
  • Right sizing and Packing Instruction. Many employees have never experienced an office move.  In order to ensure all employees are on the same page, written communication will be provided to help facilitate individual office or workspace right sizing and packing.  These instructions will help employees quickly sort the contents of their office, eliminate unneeded items, take home personal items and pack and label their crates in preparation for the move.
  • Pack Common Areas. Lunch/break rooms, conference rooms, touchdown stations, mail/copy rooms, storage rooms, etc...will be packed by the location of where the items will live in the new office.  Because we've often downsized these areas as well, we are able to make recommendations for optimal storage and organization in the common areas.
  • Pack Executive Offices.  Executives can be assured that we will pack, unpack and organize their offices so they can spend their time focused on business.
  • Vendor Coordination.  Save hours of time when we refer trusted vendors that we work with and act as the liaison for services such as furniture selection, moving/shipper services, phone system setup, computer setup and more.
  • Coordinate Elevator Usage.  Arrangements will be made with building management to reserve elevators and coordinate any other building requirements.


  • Coordinating the move. We arrive early and stay as long as it takes to make sure the movers do their job and confirm that outside vendors are finished or on schedule with their projects.
  • Directing movers at during the move to your new office.  We work closely with the movers to properly place furniture, equipment and boxes in the appropriate areas.
  • Enjoy a stress-free move for little more than you're already paying the movers. For about $10-$15 more per hour than you'll pay your movers to unpack you, we will carefully unpack your boxes and organize your office so you can get back to work.


  • Unpacking and Organize Common Areas.  We know how to quickly put your workspaces together so they are organized and ready for use.  Your employees will thank you for this as they can do what they are best at - their work! You can start using them right away without affecting productivity.
  • Unpack and Organize Executive Offices.  Your executives will appreciate being able to use their office immediately after their move when our Specialists work quickly to organize and setup their office as it was prior to the move - or maybe in a more organized fashion.
  • Coordinating outside services. Just like before your move, we can coordinate with trusted vendors to finish up any outstanding projects.
  • Removal of boxes and packing materials. All that cardboard, crates, and packing paper, gone! We re-use or recycle all of it so they are out of your way, and out of the landfill.

Experience your most efficient and organized move yet. 

Call 425.670.2551 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the size and scope of your project.
Each project is unique and after your consultation we will provide a written proposal that will contain an estimate for the work requested.
Fees are billed by the hour.


All Eliminate Chaos Specialists are Employees, not Contractors.
Eliminate Chaos is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
Contractor's License #ELIMICL933Q1.