Eliminate Chaos can help you get organized - Virtually.

Eliminate Chaos Productivity Specialists are just a phone call and a computer away to help you be more productive and organzied in your office.

Our satisfied clients from coast to coast and in other countries have accomplished projects by working with us virtually.

Which home office projects can we help you with?

If you can imagine it; we can work with you to organize it and make you more productive along the way.

We can work with you to organize the “physical” and “digital” clutter that is stealing your valuable time, so you can escape the productivity pitfalls slowing you down.


Electronic computer files organization

 Encrypted offsite backup solutions so you never lose irreplaceable information, photos or your digital music collection

 E-mail organization and systems creation

 Microsoft Outlook productivity consulting

 Paper management systems

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems recommendation and implementation

 Task management systems – paper or electronic based

 Digital photo organization

 Computer and smart phone recommendations, transfer of all data and setup

 Space planning

 Organization of the “stuff” in your office

When you work with one of our Productivity Specialists, it’s like sitting next to us.

You benefit from our experience and highly specialized expertise:

It is not uncommon for our clients to work with several of our specialists on their home office projects because of the highly specialized experience of our employees.   You benefit from a team of specialists who are not “generalists” but rather each offer a specific area of expertise; for example:


Laura Leist: Productivity Specialist with a background in Management Information Systems, business process consulting, trainer for Microsoft Outlook for over 15 years and author of 5 books on Outlook

Robert Leist: Our Business Systems Consultant with 20 years of experience in the IT industry

Cheryl Ford: Our resident Designer with expertise residential and commercial space planning and design

• Organization Specialists who create streamlined paper management systems and can make your office look like the one you’ve dreamed of

You benefit from our experience without paying travel fees:

We know it can be difficult for you to block out several days in a row to work on your projects when we travel to your home from Washington State.  We don’t need to physically be in the room with you for you to experience the benefits of an organized and productive home office – you can accomplish this with our help and the use of technology.


Perhaps you’ve read Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life or Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity by Laura Leist, CPO and you relate to her methodologies; but still need the personal touch to help you kick-start your projects.

We can bring this experience to you, via technology, to help you get the results you desire for a more organized and productive office so you have “More Time for Life®.”

You benefit from:

Working at your own pace

 The Eliminate Chaos 10-Step Process

 Your dedicated Specialist who is selected specifically for your project

 Shorter meetings with your Specialist than when working in person

 Decades of experience

 The ability to view your computer at our designated appointment time and we can both take control of the computer

 Specialists that are Certified Professional Organizers (there are fewer than 400 in the world and we employ 3!)

 Business Systems Consultant with Network Engineer certifications

 Design and space planning expertise

How it works:

  1. You schedule your initial 1-2 hour phone consultation with a Specialist
  2. We send you a questionnaire for you to tell us about your project, goals, budget and timeframe
  3. Depending on the project(s) you would like to work on, we may request that you send us pictures through our easy, secure system
  4. You send us the completed questionnaire
  5. We review your questionnaire responses and pictures (as needed) prior to your initial phone consultation
  6. We complete the 1-2 hour phone consultation to begin your project and work with you on it as needed via your computer
  7. We send you a detailed “action plan” for those items you will be responsible for completing or
  8. We continue to work on your project remotely if we are setting up backup systems, working on a space plan or procuring computer equipment for you
  9. You use the “action plan” to work on your project on your own time
  10. You send us a second set of pictures to show your progress (if necessary and as needed)
  11. We review your progress via your photos prior to the second phone meeting (if necessary and as needed)

We have our second phone meeting where we:

 Review your progress

 Answer questions

 Provide additional consulting and recommendations

 Refine and update the Action Plan

 Along the way, you may have a couple of e-mail check-ins with your Specialist to answer questions and review progress

 Your virtual sessions will continue at the pace you establish to meet your goals for completion


Because the size and scope of Home Office projects vary greatly; we offer our services to you at an hourly rate based on the Specialist(s) needed to complete your project.

Most phone consultations require a 1-hour minimum; however many of our services for virtual work can be billed in 15 minute increments when we are not on a phone consultation with you.

We invite you to contact our office for a no-obligation free phone consultation to determine how we can best assemble a team to deliver the results you expect where we can further explore how to make your project cost effective.

Call us at 877-342-8592 or
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It's Not About the Stuff.®

We stand behind everything we do. If at any time our service doesn't meet your expectations, let us know and we will do what it takes to make it right.

All Eliminate Chaos Specialists are Employees, not Contractors.

Eliminate Chaos is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 

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