Home Office Organizing Services

Take CONTROL of your life & business.
Eliminate Chaos can help you get organized.

Imagine being able to retrieve information when you need it...and knowing how to store and organize it when you're done.

Your office may consist of a space in a corner of your kitchen, a room doubling as an office or a dedicated office space. We'll work with you to design the space and create the systems you've dreamed of.


But before we even begin, we do something very important...We listen.

We ask lots of questions to get a strong sense of your vision for the space. We want to thoroughly understand your goals, budget and timeline as well as determine which Eliminate Chaos Specialist is right for your home office. Prior to your project start date, we provide you with our unique pre-planning home office questionnaire to maximize our time together.


Now we are ready to put our unique 10-step process to work in any or all of the following areas; depending on your goals:


Paper Management and Flow.

We create action, filing and retrieval paper systems customized to the way you think and process information. this helps you work more efficiently and access information quickly when needed.



We'll help you decide what's most important to keep in your space and how best to organize it. We also recommend products that can help maximize your space.


Electronic Information.

We create storage and retrieval systems for you using various software applications, including Microsoft Outlook, to help you be more efficient.


Space Planning and Furniture Selection.

We can transform your home office space into a comfortable, stylish, organized environment you can't wait to work in. We can also improve the shared office spaces to make them work better for all users.


Life Management.

If your life is out of control and you are overwhelmed by everything you need to do, we'll help you prioritize and create routines and schedules so you can reclaim your life.

The result?

You'll find yourself actually enjoying this "new" space and you'll always be able to find everything you need.

Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.™

Each project is highly individual, and fees are billed by the hour and vary depending on the Specialist. 
Please call us to discuss the size and scope of your home office needs.

Experience the joy of working in an organized office. 
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All Eliminate Chaos Specialists are Employees, not Contractors. 
Eliminate Chaos is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 
Contractor's License #ELIMICL933Q1.