Frequently Asking Questions
What makes Eliminate Chaos Different?

Many organizing companies frequently attempt to copy how we do business. We would love to share with you how we are the innovator not the imitator and how our competition simply can't compare to the total quality experience and professionalism of our services. Find out more below in our Experience the difference Q & A section.

  • Do you have full-time office staff that is available to answer my calls when you are out working with other clients? Who will help me coordinate my projects when you’re not available?

    Eliminate Chaos has a full time Client Services Assistant that answers the phone Monday-Friday to answer all your questions and coordinate all client work with you so you only need to make a single phone call.


    Most small organizers will call you back at night at a time that is convenent for them and it will likey not be at a time convenent for you. 


  • Can you please tell me what your areas of expertise are? What happens if I hire you and you can’t complete my project or it’s outside of the scope of your services?

    Eliminate Chaos employees are highly trained specialists and are not generalists.  They are placed on projects based on their area of expertise and will not take on a project they are not qualified for. Our employees are certified in organizing and hold degrees in related fields such as design, psychology and computer science and engineering.


    Many Organizing companies say they are experts in what they do but in reality, they are learning what to do on your project. Some bring a friend along to help them. Do you really want to pay someone to figure it out as they go?

  • Are you going to subcontract my project to someone besides yourself? If someone from your company is going to work on my project besides yourself, are they employed by you?

    Eliminate Chaos does not subcontract any projects to other individuals.  All projects are completed by an employee of the company with a specific area of expertise.


    Many other companies will sub contract another organizer for your project. Do you really want someone in your home or office that is not licensed, bonded, insured and background checked?

  • Will Eliminate Chaos subcontract any of my projects to another organizing professional that is not insured?

    Eliminate Chaos does not subcontract projects to other organizing companies in case they are not licensed, bonded and insured.   From time to time, we will provide you with a direct referral to another company that performs a service we do not offer. 

  • Do you carry business liability insurance? Are you willing to provide me with a copy of the insurance certificate? Are you bonded?

    Eliminate Chaos carries liability insurance that all employees are covered by. We would be happy to provide a copy of our insurance certificate upon request.  We also are covered for packing and unpacking and custody and control and are also bonded. 

  • Do you have a contractor’s license in case I need something installed?

    Did you know most organizers are not properly licensed to install products such as closet systems? Washington State requires anyone who permanently installs items in your home to be a licensed contractor.


    Eliminate Chaos has a contractor’s license#ELIMICL933Q1.

  • How did you become a Professional Organizer? Where did you get your training?

    Eliminate Chaos Specialists are trained by Laura Leist based on her proven 10-Step process as documented in her bestselling books.  Laura has 20 years of experience and spends hundreds of hours each year training our employees.

  • What is your process for keeping documentation on my project? If you are not the one doing the work on my project, how will progress on my project be communicated to you?

    Eliminate Chaos Specialists write progress reports throughout the project and are reviewed by Client Services Assistant and Business Owner, Laura Leist.  You are not billed for the progress report or the review time.

  • Do you do reference checks on employees you hire including criminal background checks?

    Work related references are checked on all employees, including criminal background checks with the Washington State Patrol and other agencys.

  • Are you a member of NAPO? Is the person you are sending to work on my project a member of NAPO?

    Eliminate Chaos business owner AND employees are members of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).

  • Can you help me with my computer needs?

    Eliminate Chaos employs a full time Business Systems Consultant that primarily works with our Business Clients as well as Business Owners working from home.

  • Do any of your employees hold the CRTS (Senior Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist) certification?


    Eliminate Chaos is owned and operated by a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) and CRTS (Senior Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist).