Delighted Clients

  • "Laura is very easy to communicate with and she knows how to get to the heart of a project very quickly.  I would highly recommend Laura Leist and Eliminate Chaos to anyone needed organizational or computer-related services, no matter how simple or complex.  Laura's background and experience offers a customer more advantages than one might think.  Thank You Laura!"   - Karen Cassell ...
  • "Margaret saved my life.  She was able to come into my office, which was a disaster and within hours had me on track.  It has taken a few "follow up" sessions to keep me clean, but every session there is great improvement.  Eliminate Chaos' tag line should really be:  'We give you your life back.'"   - Brooks Powell, Powell Homes ...
  • “Laura’s knowledge of the vast capabilities of Outlook was amazing. I learned more from her in 30 minutes about organizing within Outlook than I had been able to figure out on my own in 10 years.”       

    - Kevin Howard, The Howard Group, Inc.
  • "I got my car in the garage today!!  No more scraping ice off.  I can't thank you enough - you are my hero.  I'm telling everyone about your service." - Kim Gillespie ...
  • "We both understand the principles of getting rid of clutter but somehow there was too much inertia to overcome, which in turn blocked any real forward progress. Each time we tried, we would spend several well-intentioned days working through some files and then other issues would emerge to occupy our time.  Consequently, we really did not make sufficient forward progress.

    Our thought in hiring Margaret was to leverage her expertise in organizing, but even more, her capacity as a 'coach' to keep us focused on achieving our objective of living without clutter.  That seems a lofty goal, but I can tell you that we are currently living without clutter!   Interestingly, during the process, we discovered that a number of things that really were import...
  • "Laura assisted us in creating a database to store important information for our business.  Laura guided us in finding pocket pc's that have virtually changed our professional and personal lives and the way we organize.  Laura was very patient with us as we moved from having little scraps of paper all over our desks to having critical information at our fingertips whenever our clients have a request.  Thanks Laura.  The benefits of your service and expertise are immeasurable."   - Noel & Dave Stockman, Crescendo Concierge...
  • "Laura saved my sanity and helped my home-based business immeasurably.  She has a unique ability to tackle the logistical problem head-on while dealing with the stress and frustration created by the situation simultaneously.  I could not recommend anymore more strenuously!" - M.K. ...
  • "The work Laura has done for us has required her to design and implement a process for the project, to listen well to our needs, goals and limitations, to work closely with members of our staff and to provide us with a plan of action we would undertake after our work with her was complete.  I always had complete confidence in her leadership and management.  In my interactions with outside vendors, I would rank Laura's level of service in the top 1%!    Laura delivers what she promises, on time on budget and with cheerfulness and a positive, uplifting attitude. 

    I gain two things when I work with Laura:  organization and the tools and strategies to stay organized!  Laura knows the right products to use in our office and shows me h...
  • "Laura did a wonderful job of organizing my home office.  My office was a disaster and Laura helped sort through piles of paper and showed me effective ways to keep business and personal information in order.  Her filing system is very effective."   - Paula Feldman, Money Mailer  ...
  • "Thank you for the hard work it took in getting the 'Pluntze' move organized. The Eliminate Chaos team took time to understand the situation and any concerns or questions on how to make things run more smoothly. Moving two people who are well into their 70's is tough. Your team showed up on time, ready to go and with a positive attitude. We all warmed up to your team right away. Truthfully, we were a little sad when the time came to say farewell." - Kate & Barry Steinleger -Anne & Jack Pluntze
    "Eliminate Chaos made unpacking as 'easy' as any move can possibly be. From unpacking boxes, organizing drawers and cupboards, assembling furniture, and breaking down boxes they were always willing and able to do whatever was necess...
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Erin Greely
Sr. Organizing Specialist

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Erin's Delighted Clients




“This service is very helpful. Working directly with the provider is absolutely necessary. Plan to be there the entire time. I learned a great deal about HOW to organize. I know the service is costly, but I found it to be such a wonderful time saver that I felt it was well worth the cost, especially because I learned how to take it from there independently.”


-Katherine – Bellevue, WA


“I have never been so thrilled to be at my home! I finally have my art work displayed around my apartment! I have been traveling to various countries since 2004 and have acquired groups of artwork that is now displayed into groupings around my apartment. Thank you both Erin and Robert, for the ingenious way of putting it all together! I also am thrilled with my other projects that are underway and I look forward to their expertise, calm demeanor, and excellent rapport to get it all done! I am planning a part in October when it is all complete! All of this support has changed my life!”

-Julie F. – Seattle, WA



"In a word, Erin is 'fantastic.'  In four 4-hour sessions, she helped me go through and box up almost everything that was stacked up in my kitchen, dining room, office and bonus room.  Erin arrived promptly.  We went over what I wanted to accomplish that day, then we got to work.  She was focused, calm, non-judgmental and tireless.  She faced very dirty circumstances and didn't bat an eyelash.  She never once caused me a moment of anxiety; the relief that I felt when we were done was amazing.  I would hire Eliminate Chaos again in a heartbeat, but right now I'm too busy enjoying all the free space in my house!"

- Kimberly O

"I have never used a service like Eliminate Chaos. We recently moved to the Seattle area and the help that Eliminate Chaos provided was amazing, in just a few short days my box filled house became livable."

-Ricki - Bellevue, WA





"After my dad’s passing it came time to move my Mom – we were tired and honestly did not have the emotional energy to tackle such a large downsizing.  My siblings were busy doing other things – so the work was falling on me and my family.  I knew that I was not up for the full time task of figuring out how to help her go from 2400 sq ft to 1100 sq ft.  There were too many memories, too many stories, and too many items my Mom was going to want to put in my organized garage rather than giving them up.  I am so thankful that I called you and you recommended Erin.  You said that she had an educational background that would benefit her in a situation that required sensitivity in the face of the loss of a spouse.  Erin was able to get things sorted and organized quickly -- and help my Mom make the decisions she needed to make.  After she left – my Mom said she had become one of the family and that Erin made a very difficult and overwhelming situation tolerable. I would highly recommend Eliminating Chaos and Erin in the future.  I can’t imagine going through the past few months without your help.  It was definitely money wells spent.  Aging parents can definitely be a challenge – but with services such as yours – it doesn’t have to be an experience that divides.  It really can be a manageable experience."


-Angie Brown




"I've had two sessions with Erin so far and she is amazing.  Her confident and calm nature helps me fight back my overwhelming urge to run out of the room and not face the mess.  She breaks down a problem and makes it easy to figure out the solution.  Her suggestions are very smart and make sense for the situation.  I've already recommended her to all of my friends and as soon as they see the before and after pictures of my basement entertainment room, they will be lining up to work with her.  I only have two more sessions lined up with Erin before my son's birthday party, but we will definitely be having her back to help us with the rest of our house."

Ashley Francis




"Everything is going very well with Erin.  She is so terrific I can hardly praise her enough.  She is very empathetic, knows just how much I can take at one time, has great creative ideas on how to structure things, like putting industrial post shelves in my gigantic old previously useless wardrobe."


- S. M.

"Erin is a dream come true!  Her kindness and gentle manner are exactly what I need.  We're two rooms nearly complete, on to the kitchen, pantry and dining room.  BIG jobs, that I have complete faith in her to help me take on.  I'm working on my action items, with my husband on board 100%.  Again, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

- Elizabeth


"I wanted you to know that your organizing expertise is perfect for educators like me who feel overwhelmed with so much to do!  Your three specialists, Erin, Christine and Tina all came in and streamlined my classroom to perfection!  It is warm and inviting with materials easy at hand yet is also efficient, functional and easy to maintain all because it is systematic.  I now have a process that instills how and why it has been created yet simple enough to use and keep it functioning within set time limits rather than a feeling of an endless list of things to do!  Thank you for creating more time for the energy needed to work with young children with an answer to fostering my own self worth as well!"  

- Julie Frederick


"I’m so impressed with Erin’s stamina with this stuff.  I was so wiped after each visit but she kept me inspired and involved. She also encouraged me enough that I improved with my weekly homework and often would work for a few more hours after she left."

- Julie Hendrickson

"Just want you to know that Erin is fantastic!!!  She is wonderful, has incredible energy, gave me lots of ideas and helped me see things from a different perspective and she is GREAT!!!!  Thanks."

- Penny Rempfer

"I am redoing every aspect of my space and surroundings.  Erin has provided such insight, careful attention and perseverance that it is truly changing my life!  I have gained so much more personal time in between for myself!  I am seeing now how aspects of my life that I have ignored like exercising and reading, can become regular parts of my busy life!  Thank you Erin for bringing what I enjoy back into my life!  I couldn't have done it without you!"

- Julie Frederick

"Erin really took the time to listen and understand my needs. She helped me refine my vision for the space and provided great suggestions and insight. Erin made the process an enjoyable one. Thanks Erin!"

- Gene Juarez 




Erin GreelyErin Greely joined Eliminate Chaos in the fall of 2007 in the role of Organizing Specialist.

With a B.A. from the University of Washington in both psychology and sociology, Erin’s background emphasizes the family and the individual within a social world. Erin has had additional training in how people learn, the types of learning styles, the forming and breaking of habits, cognitive development, helping others establish life priorities and counseling. 

She has a deep passion for people and a big heart for families and youth. She views the job of helping clients organize their belongings, habits, attitudes and overall life as a privilege; as it gives her an avenue to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. Her vision is to combine her excitement for organized and intentional living and her passion to educate others; utilizing her skills in counseling to help create overall healthy and happy Northwest families. 

Outside of organizing, she and her husband stay busy managing two Seattle apartment buildings. Erin enjoys exploring her local neighborhoods, spending time in the outdoors, engaging with friends and family and cooking. 

Erin looks forward to working with you – as your organizing partner – helping you create systems for you and your family that will give you More Time for Life™!


Erin's Areas of Expertise

Residential Residential Continued
Bathrooms Garages / Attics / Basements
Bedrooms Home Offices (non- Business)
Children's Rooms / Play Areas / Homework Stations Kitchens
Closet Organizing Laundry Rooms
Craft / Hobby / Scrapbooking Rooms Memorabilia & Collections
Family & Living Rooms Other Rooms