Residential Organizing

Residential Organizing

Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.™

Imagine working with a team of Specialists you can trust to turn your house into the comfortable, organized, beautiful home of your dreams.

Business Productivity Services

Business Productivity Services

Become more productive with Eliminate Chaos

Don't waste another minute!  Call us to discuss how a more efficient and supportive work environment can help you and your company become more productive and profitable.  

Home Office Organizing

Home Office Organizing

Take CONTROL of your life & business

  Imagine being able to retrieve information when you need it...and knowing how to store and organize it when you're done.  

Seminars & Speaking

Seminars & Speaking

Sessions with Substance™

Imagine immediate improvements in workforce productivity.  Listen and watch Laura turn 20 years of experience into a day of practical learning and fun!  

Moving & Relocation Services

Moving & Relocation Services

Want to Know the Secret to Stress Free Moving? Let Eliminate Chaos Handle Everything.

Enjoy a stress-free move for little more than you're already paying the movers.  

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Delighted Clients

  • "Laura is very easy to communicate with and she knows how to get to the heart of a project very quickly.  I would highly recommend Laura Leist and Eliminate Chaos to anyone needed organizational or computer-related services, no matter how simple or complex.  Laura's background and experience offers a customer more advantages than one might think.  Thank You Laura!"   - Karen Cassell ...
  • "Laura saved my sanity and helped my home-based business immeasurably.  She has a unique ability to tackle the logistical problem head-on while dealing with the stress and frustration created by the situation simultaneously.  I could not recommend anymore more strenuously!" - M.K. ...
  • "Every day I walk into my back bedroom and feel as if I have a new home.  What a difference 8 hours of uncluttering can do to a room.  It's awesome - and a pleasure to spend time there now.  It has also given me the push to make sure the rest of my place is up to snuff."  Your very loyal fan!   - Thurbon Tukey...
  • "Thanks so much for your helpful work today.  I can see why you're so much more valuable than a book.  You got into my work and way of thinking in order to determine what systems would best suite me and my business.  You watched and listened to me and brought me the system that fits me like a glove.  I feel so much clearer.  You eliminated MY chaos!" - Renee Adsitt, Color Whiz ...
  • "Erin really took the time to listen and understand my needs. She helped me refine my vision for the space and provided great suggestions and insight. Erin made the process an enjoyable one. Thanks Erin!"
    -Gene Juarez   ...
  • "Laura's knowledge and expertise on the function and use of Outlook far exceed any book or workshop I have attended.  Laura presents the material in a useable manner and shows patience to all in the room.  She is a top notch trainer.  I highly recommend anyone using Outlook to take her course and find out all of the hidden treasures of the program."   

    - Michele Catoire - The Legacy Group   ...
  • “Laura’s knowledge of the vast capabilities of Outlook was amazing. I learned more from her in 30 minutes about organizing within Outlook than I had been able to figure out on my own in 10 years.”       

    - Kevin Howard, The Howard Group, Inc.
  • "If you can find 15 minutes extra each day - what would it be worth to you?  I have always considered myself pretty organized, so I was impressed with the ideas that Laura was able to show me that saved me the time each day.  Even just saving 20 minutes a day is a big deal.  That is enough time for me to connect with a new client or spend time with my daughters."   - Bill Brooks, American Pacific Mortgage ...
  • "The work Laura has done for us has required her to design and implement a process for the project, to listen well to our needs, goals and limitations, to work closely with members of our staff and to provide us with a plan of action we would undertake after our work with her was complete.  I always had complete confidence in her leadership and management.  In my interactions with outside vendors, I would rank Laura's level of service in the top 1%!    Laura delivers what she promises, on time on budget and with cheerfulness and a positive, uplifting attitude. 

    I gain two things when I work with Laura:  organization and the tools and strategies to stay organized!  Laura knows the right products to use in our office and shows me h...
  • "Thank you for the hard work it took in getting the 'Pluntze' move organized. The Eliminate Chaos team took time to understand the situation and any concerns or questions on how to make things run more smoothly. Moving two people who are well into their 70's is tough. Your team showed up on time, ready to go and with a positive attitude. We all warmed up to your team right away. Truthfully, we were a little sad when the time came to say farewell." - Kate & Barry Steinleger -Anne & Jack Pluntze
    "Eliminate Chaos made unpacking as 'easy' as any move can possibly be. From unpacking boxes, organizing drawers and cupboards, assembling furniture, and breaking down boxes they were always willing and able to do whatever was necess...
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New Client Organizing Special!

A great way to try us out and get some organizing done at the same time!

For a limited time, we are offering an amazing NEW client residential organizing special. If you are not an existing client this is a great way for us show you how we can eliminate your chaos. 

Call 425-670-2551 and ask us for details on the New Client Organizing Special



 Eliminate Chaos provides organizing, relocation and productivity solutions so you will have “More Time for Life®.” Eliminate Chaos employs productivity and organization specialists who are united in their belief that everyone can enjoy life more if they just get organized first.

 Whether you desire to live more organized at home, need to be more productive at work, or are planning an upcoming local or cross-country move; our Specialists will listen compassionately and deliver systems, professional advice and customized organization and productivity solutions that really work. Best of all, you will be able to easily and seamlessly maintain them. You can breathe a sigh of relief as you put into practice systems created just for you that deliver practical, priceless and life changing benefits.

 We are based just north of Seattle, Washington; however we also serve a national and international clientele. In the Greater Seattle area, we work with clients in Bellevue, Kirkland, Tacoma, Snohomish and beyond.

 Appreciative clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, paper-and-systems-fatigued law offices, high-profile authors, speakers, athletes and media personalities, solopreneurs, and divas of domesticity. Though they come from all walks of life and work, they all share a universal need to invest in professional help to escape the clutter, disorganization and lack of productivity that slows them down, steals valuable time from their lives, and puts a crimp on their upside earning potential. 


For more information about the professional services we provide please click your desired area below.

Residential Organizing & Relocation Services

Residential Organizing Services

Experience what thousands already have....Work with our team of Professional Organizing Specialists you can trust to turn your house into the comfortable, organized, beautiful home of your dreams.


We can help you with the one room in your home that is causing you anxiety or we can organize your entire home.  Our client’s homes range in size from a one-bedroom condo to a 20 bedroom estate and everything in-between.  You are in control of how quickly you’d like your project completed as well as how involved we will be and we will be there every step of the way to ensure your goals and vision for your project are met.


Which Rooms Would You Like to Organize, RightSize or Declutter?

  • Kitchen and Pantry.  A well organized kitchen will save you preparation, cooking and cleaning time; in addition to saving you money on your grocery bill as the result of an organized pantry.
  • Closets.  We can help you transform the insides of all closets with the existing closet system, or we can work with you and one of our trusted vendors to design and install a new customized system for your needs.
  • Garages.  Who said you needed to park cars in the garage?  Your garage may serve many purposes; one of them being a place for a car or cars to park.  We can work with you to transform this space to suit the many needs for this area.  
  • Living Areas.  Living areas should be for living and enjoying family time.  We can transform these areas into an organized space for pure enjoyment by all family members.
  • Children's Rooms.  It is easier for children to "clean up" their room when there is a place for everything.  You'll be amazed at the results we have with children when mom and dad set the goal and then let us work our magic. 
  • Laundry and Mud Rooms.  Maximize the use of these multi-purpose, high traffic areas for optimal functionality and maximum space efficiency.
  • Bathrooms.  An organized, efficient bathroom will make getting ready easier with well-defined areas for every day items. 
  • Basements and Attics.  We can help you turn these rooms into usable spaces or just help you use the space in a more organized fashion. 
  • Barns.  While we can't help you organize the animals, we can help you organize the stuff that is stored in the barns - sometimes it not even the animal's stuff!

Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.(TM)

Home Office Organizing Services

Your home office can be a space you enjoy spending time in.  Whether you work from home or just use your home office for personal use, decide which areas you want to focus on as home offices serve many purposes. 


Your office may consist of a space in a corner of your kitchen, a room doubling as an office or a dedicated office space.  We’ll work with you to the design the space and create the systems you’ve dreamed of.


Which Home Office Organizing Projects Can We Help You With?

  • Paper Management and Flow
  • Creating Systems to Manage, Backup and Secure Electronic Information
  • Organizing the “Stuff” in Your Office
  • Space Planning and Furniture Selection
  • Life Management – so you can get what is important, done

Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.(TM)

Residential Relocation Services

What would a stress-free move be worth to you? 


Imagine a move where no detail is overlooked; your new home unpacked, setup and organized, packing materials removed and recycled so all you have to do is start enjoying your home immediately.

The key to a successful, well orchestrated move lies in the details behind the scenes that you will experience, but may not see.


How Can Our Residential Relocation Services Help You Quickly Get Settled in Your New Home?

  • A dedicated project manager so you have one point of contact to fulfill your wishes
  • Downsizing, right-sizing and decluttering so your current home sells quickly and you don’t pay to pack and move items you no longer use
  • Packing based upon where things will live in your new home; saving valuable time after the move
  • Unpacking and organizing services so you sleep in your own bed the night you move in and cook in your well organized kitchen the next morning
  • Trusted vendors we can call on your behalf that include moving companies that will drastically reduce your time finding the right vendor for your needs
  • Sourcing product for your new home before your move

Want to know the secret to a stress-free move?  Let Eliminate Chaos handle everything.

Virtual Organizing - For Your Home

Imagine working virtually with a team of Specialists you can trust to turn your house into the comfortable, organized, beautiful home of your dreams.


Eliminate Chaos Specialists are just a phone call and a computer away to help you get organized at home.

Our satisfied clients from coast to cast and in other countries have accomplished projects by working with us virtually.

We don’t need to physically be in the room with you for you to experience the benefits of an organized home – you can accomplish this with our help and the use of technology.


What projects can we help you organize - virtually?

  • If you can imagine it, we can work with you to help you organize it.
  • Kitchens, Pantries, Closets, Bedrooms, Living Areas, Home Offices and more.
  • You will benefit from our experience without paying the travel fees.

Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.(TM)

Virtual Organizing - For Your Home Office

Imagine working virtually with a team of Professional Organizing Specialists you can trust to help you be more productive and organized in your home office.


Eliminate Chaos Organizing & Productivity Specialists are just a phone call and a computer away to help you get organized and be more productive in your home office.

Our satisfied clients from coast to cast and in other countries have accomplished projects by working with us virtually.

We can work with you to organize the "physical" and "digital" clutter that is stealing your valuable time, so you can escape the productivity pitfalls slowing you down.


What home office projects can we help you with - virtually?


  • Electronic computer files organization
  • Encrypted offsite backup solutions so you never lose irreplaceable information, photos or your digital music collection
  • E-mail organization and systems creation
  • Microsoft Outlook productivity consulting
  • Paper management systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems recommendation and implementation
  • Task management systems – paper or electronic based
  • Digital photo organization
  • Computer and smart phone recommendations, transfer of all data and setup
  • Space planning
  • Organization of the “stuff” in your office

Take control of your stuff, your space, your life.(TM)

Business Services

Business Productivity Services

Increase your business productivity and peace of mind with streamlined information systems, processes and workflows. 


When you work with one of our Productivity Specialists; you will take control of your time, information and stuff and create workable systems built to reflect how you think and process information.  You will also benefit from our expertise in the "visible" and "non-visible" forms of clutter.  The non-visible forms of clutter are those that often go unnoticed until you look at the bottom line; and may include:  lack of processes, lack of paper and electronic systems and time management techniques.  The visible forms of clutter are a bit easier to see, 


How Can We Help Your Office be More Productive?

  • Paper Management and Paper Workflow Development
  • Electronic Information Systems Creation and Implementation
  • Organization of the “Stuff” in your Workspaces, Storage Areas, Mail Rooms, Copy Centers, and more
  • Time Management Techniques 

Make your workplace work for you.(TM)

Business Relocation and Move Management Services

Whether you’re moving to a new building, moving down the hall, remodeling your existing space or relocating an employee – we can help.


Your company is an expert in your line of business.  Why not leave you’re your relocation and move management to our experts?

Your employees were hired for their area of expertise; don’t make the mistake of using them to focus on a volume of time-consuming tasks and details to orchestrate this effort.

The success of any office or employee move relies on behind the scenes details,planning and preparation that you may not see, but will experience.


Which Relocation and Move Management Services Will Help Your Organization Remain Focused On Your Business During Your Move?

  • Move management and project coordination.  Working with your designated employee or project manager we can facilitate all aspects of your move or just a few that are needed.
  • Getting executives and employees working in the office quicker because they are not focused on packing, unpacking and setting up their new home and/or office.
  • Expertise to motivate employees to downsize right-size and declutter prior to the move.  Why pay to move things you’ll not use again?
  • Packing and unpacking executive offices with integrity and extreme confidentiality.  We’ve packed and unpacked some of the most high-profile, well recognized executives in the country with the utmost of security.
  • Space planning and design from a functional, organized perspective to make the best use of all workspace.  Our team is first and foremost a team or organizing and productivity experts who use their expertise to ensure that an organized space is not an afterthought.
  • IT relocation planning and execution to move entire data centers or just the PC’s and phones in your office.
  • Trusted vendors we can call on your behalf that will drastically reduce your time finding the right vendor for your needs.  Wouldn’t you rather work with someone you know has a proven track record with our clients?
  • Taking responsibility for packing and unpacking common areas such as lunch/break rooms, conference rooms, mail/copy rooms, storage rooms, touchdown stations and filing cabinets so employees can focus on their own offices and workspaces and get back to being productive.  We’ll make sure your common areas are not only unpacked, but organized in a way that employees with thank you!  Don’t run the risk of an L&I claim because packing and moving heaving boxes was not in their job description.

Make your workplace work for you.(TM)

Why Eliminate Chaos?  Experience.  Expertise.  Trust.  (Since 2000)

When you work with one of our employee Specialists, you can be assured that the experience and outcome of your project will be formulated through years of experience and a methodology that was developed by Laura Leist, Productivity Consultant and Founder of Eliminate Chaos.  We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach.


The Eliminate Chaos team of organizing and productivity specialists brings a wide range of experience and talent to every client project.  Beyond on-going training and experience, each of our specialists brings a specific skill set to your project.  Whether we are working with you at your company, in your home office, at home or helping you relocate your home or office, you can count on us to assemble the perfect team for your needs. 


View our two minute video about how we can Eliminate your Chaos


Give us a call at 425.670.2551 or 877.342.8592.